Injection of plastic and rubber material :

- Technical parts

- Standard components for bedding and furniture

For 15 years, we have been offering thermoplastic components to bedding professionnals, especially in order to manufacture slat bed frames.
Together with our designers, we develop slat suspensions or accessories in one unique purpose :
Making your creations more attractive for your customers.
Staying close to your marketing concepts, you can choose to integrate standard products from our catalogue or to develop a completely personalised components.
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Our offer for made-to-order parts concerns all kind of industries. The following industry areas show you some examples of our activity :
VARIOUS INDUSTRIES : convoying components, high security valves, joints, protection bellows, chemical-proof obturators, hoses, ball bearings rubbers, stoppers, shock absorbers...
AIRSPACE INDUSTRY : packing, covers, high-temperature resisting parts...
ELECTRICITY INDUSTRY : cases, covers, electrical insulators, conductive rubbers, insulating surmoulding, heat insulators, cable ducts etc.
FURNITURE INDUSTRY : appearance pieces, link pieces, handles, guiding pieces (rotating or translatory pieces), etc.

> Made-to-order parts

Our furniture components can be used either for metal furniture (school furniture, desk furniture etc.) or for wooden funiture.
Since we were founded, we helped creations and innovations of the most famous partners in furniture Industry.
If you are manufacturer or resaler, our standard range covers all kind of needs. For developping specific pieces, our research Department is at your disposal.
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